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Anne Stewart
27 April 2010 @ 02:26 pm
Yeah, I'm completely in love with my JPN 410/510 class. Today, it was all about 2chan, internet novels, otaku/otome, Densha Otoko, etc. etc. etc.

Units still to come? A unit on fanfic (including slashfic, subtitled 'Harry Potter did what with who</u>?!'), a unit on plagiarism (which reminds me that I need to post the bleachness comm post on the Simmonsing), a tour of the main library (with my boss omg whut), Japanese emoticons...

And so on an so forth. We're using Ning and a Google Doc as a bibliography that anyone in the class can (and is expected to) post things to.

This class is like... my life. I'm allowed to be as nerdy as I am in discussions and such...I may even link some of my own fanfic (if I'm feeling brave enough). For discussions purposes. I'm soo~ completely in love with this class, yep.
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Anne Stewart
Seems like every three months or so another of my friends is getting screwed over by the American medical system, the American academic system, or some other proud American institution claiming to be around to help people.

Today? It's a combination. My friend mathnerd is, in her own words, "battling a number of chronic illnesses, including Crohn's disease with related arthritis, and recently the combination of arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, and a neurological issue in both arms and hands has rendered me incapable of using my hands/arms correctly. I am also battling migraines, neurological issues, and having general mobility issues."

Sounds like a lot, huh? In addition to all of that, she's been incredibly awesome, using her 'spoons' to work her ways towards an MSc.

She can no longer continue her studies, the school has no provisions for her chronic illnesses when it comes to her departmental tests--basically they did the equivalent of pulling the rug out from under her.

She's now deep in medical debt and every spare penny has gone towards paying that. The catch is, she's a German citizen, and if she can just get home to socialized medicine that debt will, at the least, not grow. The Catch-22? She has no money for a plane ticket home, because all of it has gone to trying to stay afloat on her medical debt.

She needs $600 to get home to Germany.

Her entry on all of this.

I can't pitch in much monetarily, but I'll be putting in what I can. Please, consider helping her get home, or boosting the signal yourselves.

I'll, uh. I'll get off my soapbox now. /cough
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Anne Stewart
My (tl;dr) thoughts on the first episode of season five season thirty-one season one the newest season of Doctor Who.

WARNING: Past this point lie SPOILERS APLENTY, tl;dr aplenty, a few of my thoughts on yaoi feminism and basically, well. I didn't enjoy the episode, in short. I'm using this space to enumerate exactly why.

In short, these are my opinions on the episode. You may disagree, which is great. If you do, if you would like to tell me why, we can have a discussion on it. Discussions are awesome, especially on the merits and attributes of television as a vehicle for entertainment and culture. However: Deciding I'm a horrible person because we have different tastes in television will, most likely, get you ignored, on that front at least.

Start from the beginning and go on until you reach the endCollapse )

I'mma go back to finding papers about the Googleization of the planet and the effects of popular culture on the ways we consume and create media now, thanks so much.

Oh, and playing with the Ten we just got over at Adstring, eeee! /bouncy with excitement
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Anne Stewart
This evening had better get better really fucking fast, or else I might either break down and cry or hit something, both of which would be bad.

The day itself was pretty good, actually! The Republicans are using the tea partiers to raise more money, the tea partiers are simultaneously repenting and repeating their slurs and bigotry, and I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy in celebration of omg health care (well, and because I needed my prescription, but).

One friend of a friend's ridiculous sexist slur on HBIC Nancy Pelosi couldn't ruin my day, oh no, wasn't going to let it.

Well, until while with my housemate's and their houseguest I brought up that ridiculous 'racism is dead!' article. Because, haha, wtf, no racism isn't dead, unfortunately. It would be equally ridiculous to say we've made no progress towards stopping racism and its effects, but yes, it's still here, and it's still prevalent in this society, as the multiple, recurring 'isolated incidents' have highlighted in stark detail.

Keep in mind, this is Eugene, Oregon, and while we don't have a high African-American population, we do have high populations of people of various hispanic, asian, middle eastern and native American heritage here. Whiteville, USA this is not. We're also, despite the odd racial mix, a bastion of liberalism, as is most of the valley.

...The houseguest and the other boy that practically lives here, Nick, (both white, heterosexual, cis-gendered males) agreed with the article. Nick says "racism will be over when I no longer have to check 'Caucasian' on forms and such", which. What you identify as racial and being discriminated against on the basis of that race are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. This should have been a warning sign.

I pressed on, bringing up affirmative action. Neither of them knows what that is (I explain to them it's when, in certain areas like hiring or schools, if there's only one slot and two equally qualified applicants, the minority applicant should get the spot), and when they find out, they immediately decry it as reverse racism. I point out the reality of institutionalized racism.

They don't know what that is, so I explain it as being when racism is ingrained in the society's institutions. Houseguest's response? "Well if it's so deeply ingrained in society, why should we bother trying to change it?"

Cue Anne!rage. He didn't even realize that women are still paid less to the dollar than men for the same job--and that's even ignoring (number-wise) those women who choose to stay at home and raise a family instead of furthering their career. (Which, sexism got brought up as an example of something that has also improved but not gone away in society--and which changes would not have come about if we simply decided 'oh, that's jsut the way society is, too bad'.)

And when I said 'so you know what, fuck you and your white male privilege!' at the end of my rant, his response, laughingly, was "And that's not racist at all!"

I had to walk out of there before I stabbed him with the cooking chopsticks I was holding. No, you douchehat, asking you to examine your position in society and the inherent privileges it affords you is not, in fact, racist, sexist, or anything else. It's asking you to pull your head out of your ass for five goddamned minutes and take a fucking look around.

I fled.

It got worse. I tweet-ranted about this douchebag, a series of three tweets which, since constrained by the character limit, were very angry, and only mentioned the housemate in the last tweet, where I stated that I needed a drink if no one was going to die tonight.

A friend of mine, a woman who I respect very highly, is my mother's age, very kind, known her for years, she @ replies me. Her tweeted response? 'PMS much?'


And so I sent back a five-tweet response, explaining that I was angry at the ignorance, racism and unexamined privilege he displayed because the things we were talking about affect me and my life and that of my friends, family and loved ones, and she just trivialized my outrage over this and demeaned it simply on the basis of the organs I have down below.

What. the. Fuck.

She sort-of apologized, claimed some of my tweets hadn't made it through, and that she just wanted to know the context of the angry ranting. That was not the way to go about asking. Sorry, but no. I forgive her for saying it, I think, yes, but it's really damaging to hear something like that at the end of a conversation with a guy like that.

If I get through this night without kicking Mr. Privilege in the face, it will be a fucking miracle.

tl;dr: RACISM: still here, still not cool at any speed. SEXISM: Still here, still not cool at any speed. In short, fuck this, I need a drink before I need a lawyer for a restraining order.

Also gonna write some smut, that might make me feel better. Or read more about Nancy Pelosi, my favorite HBIC atm.
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Anne Stewart
The American House of Representatives just passed Health Care Reform.

It's a long way to the top of that mountain. No country is ever going to be perfect, and no bill will ever be perfect, but by taking one small step at a time, someday, we're going to get better.

ngl you guys, I teared up as the Democrats were cheering after the vote.

I was afraid, for a while there, that we wouldn't get to this point. But you have made me proud again today. We have taken another small step towards becoming a civilized place again. A small step, but one that matters. Let's keep going, America. I'm ready.

And, I'm pretty happy for them trying to fix student loan stuff too because, ahaha, looking at grad school just got a little less terrifying.

And if the general squeals of delight and pick-up-hugs were any indication tonight? My housemates are also very pleased by this turn of events as well.

/celebrating with some sparkling chardonnay and a PB&J sammich
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Anne Stewart
So I spent three and a half hours in the hospital today!

The full story is this:

This afternoon, after deciding my physics quiz wasn't nearly draining enough, that I should go give blood too, since it had been eight weeks and the blood drive was here again. Before the quiz, I'd had a PB&J sammich for lunch, and before giving blood, I had a slice of pizza too. After giving blood, I had juice and cookies and lots more water and felt, really, fine.

Decided to go down to Emerald City and turn in my DVD, then stop at Hiron's on the way back to get latex gloves so I could dye my hair and not stain my hands. After coming out of Hiron's, I decided that I needed a snack, and went over to Safeway right next door.

Picking up a bottle of that...flavored carbonated stuff without sugar, I headed over to the fruit. While trying to find a ripe pear, I started to feel dizzy, but I figured I'd buy my stuff, sit down at the tables in front and eat.

Put my stuff on the belt in a short line, and had to lean down against the edge of the conveyor, because suddenly I felt extremely dizzy and nauseous, not knowing what was happening. And then I said to the cashier, as it was my turn to pay, "I need to sit down right now." And did so. In the checkout aisle.

And promptly passed out.

Only for a moment, but long enough. So, yeah, came to, vision was all starry, couldn't hear anything properly. A bunch of (really fantastic, really nice) people, including the cashier and a nice British man and his wife who had been in line behind me, helped me over to the tables even though I couldn't quite walk or stand on my own. Sat down at the table...

Where I promptly passed out again, as I found myself on the floor. Also bit my lip real good at some point.

By this point, they had called the paramedics, I'd managed to dig out my phone to call my roommate and I was starting to come back around.

So, yeah, paramedics all showed up, and because I wasn't recovering very quickly at all, they decided to take me down to urgent care to make sure there wasn't anything seriously wrong with me.

At this point I am thanking the heavens for the fact that my family has insurance and I can go to the emergency room without having to worry about going into debt.

So, yeah. Three and a half hours later of blood tests and IVs and sitting around waiting for things to happen, I got home. Where I sit. And I didn't realize until after I tried all three phones and left a message that my parents were probably abed by then.


Oh, and I think I did pretty well on the physics test. Even if I'll now be known forever as 'That Girl Who Fainted' at the Safeway. Ahhh well, such is life.

Also: Where the heck are all you people reading Naruto chapters a day before OneManga or MangaFox has them?
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Anne Stewart
Okay, okay, I promised memes and memes you shall have.

One, one! Ah ha ha. Fic meme!
Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Alternatively, give me the subject of a story you'd wish I'd write and I'll give you the first line.

Two meme, two! Ah ha ha! Fandom meme:
Name a pairing I like and I will tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them

Three meme, three! Ah ha ha! Writing meme:
Ten genre time again!

1. Morning Person
2. Drunk
3. AU
4. Crack
5. Role Reversal
6. Night Owl
7. Sober
8. Kink
9. Food
10. Sense
11. Precious
12. UST
13. Magic
14. Steal
15. Possession

Four meme, four! Ah ha ha! Me meme!
Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts. Except not really...


I can't seem to stop laughing at the latest chapter of Naruto. I'm afraid this is a two-week trend. It's just that ridiculous.


If I sold my wire-wrapped sea-glass pendants on here, how many of you would be interested in buying? In reccing to your friends?
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Anne Stewart
Anne is:

- consistently bad at updating this thing;
- alternately swamped by and free of responsibilities of one nature or another;
- apparently, probably going to need a new roommate willing to move in by summer;
- actually pretty excited by the prospect of seeing Alice tomorrow;
- easy to top into things;
- still as bad as ever at this whole... human relations thing;
- never going to figure out how to be honest about the good stuff and nice about the harsh stuff;
- happy she didn't mess up her Japanese oral too badly;
- doing quite well at physics, actually;
- confused by taxes;
- at work;
- intending to take three Japanese classes (two lit, one language) next term--no English;
- creating (too many) RP accounts lately;
- re-reading Jones' Castle series;
- waiting to read the next Naruto chapter;
- loling at the email from my parent's pastor going OMG EARTHQUAKES THE WORLD IS ENDING;
- tempted to find a record of all earthquakes and wars in the last 2000 years;
- enjoying Oregon's bi-polar spring weather;
- enjoying the cherry, plum and apple blossoms everywhere (they make me feel like a pretty shoujo girl);
- going to make some tea now.

I figured that'd be easier to read than my whole random blah blah babble on everything. Months continue to be crazy and placid, by turns. If anyone is curious for more blather on any of the above, ask away, of course!

Now, that tea I meantioned.... /wanders off to start the hot water
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Anne Stewart
Alright, I still exist, I swear. Life happens, rp happens, and shit happens and (except for that middle bit) we don't have much control over what or when all that happens.

Have been on a Doctor Who kick recently. Like, all four seasons + the specials. Part of this is the fact that (somehow) I got topped into apping Rose at adstringendum, because another mod had apped the Master, and now two other mods are getting topped into apping Wilf and Mickey, and we have a Ten on reserve and, ahaha, it's kind of brilliant. A little bit over-whelming, but brilliant.

Working on school. Distracted by life from school on occasion, not by choice usually. But by necessity. I may put aside all of that for a while, to focus on school/distractions of choice. What do you do when someone else complicates your life, not by your own choice? Well. I'm dealing.

Anyway, I've still been incredibly flaky on checking the flist, though I should try better on that. Sorry ducklings! You know I'm no good, and yet some of you stick about anyhow. ♥

Other than that though... work goes, school goes. I'm doing incredibly well in physics. 38/40 on my first quiz. It's surprising to me too, but I'm okay with that. I'm not doing so well in logic, but that's because my GTF is incredibly flaky about doing things like... checking her email. :| It's okay, I'm taking it pass/no pass and don't even care that much anymore anyhow. Whatever. And Japanese is going so-so. Mostly because my sensei for that is... also incredibly flaky about things like... showing up for a scheduled make-up quiz, and rescheduling things so that I can't make it. :|

Anyway, at least in RP I have a bit of control over what goes on. I'm okay with that. I like having a little bit of control. It makes responsibility much easier to bear.

Bleh, I'm rambling. Tonight, making jambalaya, watching more Doctor Who, etc.

♥s, guys
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Anne Stewart
I've waited so long to update, that I almost can't think of what to say.

This whole stupid, crazy month has been one series of ups and downs, and it's driving me mad. Sarah the Roommate tells me her theory that a really shitty January (which hers has also been for different, and some of the same, reasons) means the rest of the year will be really fantastic.

I'm not one for superstition, but man, I hope so.

Anyway, if you want to know specifics on anything, or, as always, link me to any post of yours you think I should have seen and think I missed, go ahead and do so. :)

/should go... do laundry for Conflikt now yeaaaah
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